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If you are looking specifically for a 12-foot fishing kayak, then you are at the right place. Here, in this post, we have some of the best 12 foot kayaks for fishing available on the market. 

List of Best 12 Foot Fishing Kayaks

Driftsun Rover 120/200 Inflatable Tandem White Water Kayak


  • Weight – 28 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 600 pounds
  • Action camera mount
  • Robust Side tube 
  • Heavy duty floor
  • Rigid floor
  • High quality valves 
  • EVA foam padded seats
  • Removable footrest
  • Four carry handles 


Inflatable kayaks are sometimes stereotyped as glorified pool toys. It is considered a toy because some models come with thin plastic material. But when it comes to the Rover 120 from Driftsun. It is a highly durable and reliable kayak with features rivaling any hardshell kayak. 

The Driftsun Rover is an inflatable tandem kayak with amazing versatility. With the generous 12 foot length and 600 pounds weight capacity it is a good option for a family. 

The weight of the kayak is manageable 28 lbs. The high quality bottom construction of the kayak makes it an extremely durable and secure option. 

Moreover, the floor features drop stitches and the rocker profile of the unit offers excellent balance. 

To be concise, this is a good option for paddlers that have a few years of experience under their belt. 


The Design of the Driftsun Rover 120 looks elegant. The rocker profile with pointed nose boosts its performance in both calm and choppy water. 

The attached tracking fin improves tracking in the still water and when you want to take the kayak for rough or shallow it can be removed easily. 

The eight self bailing ports of the Rover 120 are perfect for whitewater rafting. Moreover, they also help to quickly dry the kayak after use. 

There is a decent amount of storage sections available in the kayak. It has a number of tie down points where you can attach the gears. In addition to this, it has additional storage in the front and rear bungee compartments. 

If you want to record your adventure then there is an action camera mount on the front. There you can attach a camera in order to record all the action.  

The side straps on the kayaks keep the paddles secure, when not in use. The splash guards are very effective at preventing the water from coming inside the kayak. 

The 4 fixed handles on the Rover 120 makes it easy to carry around. In order to ensure the comfort of the paddler, removable and adjustable foot rests are provided. 


When it comes to the durability of the Driftsun Rover 120, it’s made of highly durable synthetic rubber. It comes with 1000D reinforced layered PVC side tubes. 

The heavy duty PVC trampoline bottom offers protection from punctures. The double layer of the protection on the kayak allows it to safely bounce off rocks, logs, and other whitewater obstacles. 

The high pressure valves used on the kayak helps to prevent leaks. All the hardware used on the kayak is corrosion resistant that offers years of durability. 

It has three air chambers that ensure the safety and the longevity of the Rover 120. 


In order to ensure the comfort of the paddle, the kayak is equipped with adjustable EVA padded seats with high back support. 

Padded functionality of the seats makes it suitable for long distance trips. Moreover, the adjustable and removable footrests offer next level comfort and stability when paddling. 


The Driftsun Rover 120 comes with a lot of tie-down points but there is no cargo space. This can be a downside of the kayak for some paddlers. 


There are a number of accessories provided with the Rover 120 which includes adjustable aluminum kayak paddles, Deluxe Double action Hand Pump, Rear Tracking Fin, and travel bag. 


  • Multiple air chambers
  • Removable skeg
  • Self-bailing 
  • Numerous tie down points
  • Front action camera mount  
  • High quality padded seats 
  • Side straps to secure paddles 
  • Comfortable carry handles 
  • Adjustable footrest


  • Skeg can be hard remove 
  • Higher price

Perception Pescador Pro 12 Fishing Kayak


  •  375 pounds weight capacity
  • Made of durable plastic 
  • Leak proof one piece construction
  • Large front and rear open storage
  • Integrated accessories rail
  • Removable pro seat
  • Quick adjust footrests
  • Upright rod storage
  • Tow integrate fishing rod holders


Perception is the leading brand in the manufacturing of plastic kayaks. The Pescador series of the brand is one of the most popular and trusted kayak models in the industry. The Perception Pescador Pro 12 kayak is mainly designed for an individual who wants to take his/her angling to the next level. This is a hybrid kayak that can be used for both fishing as well as recreational purposes. If you are looking for a multi-purpose kayak, then this can be an ideal pick for you. The kayak measures 12  foot long and 32-inch wide. It is an exceptionally stable and balanced kayak. It has an ideal amount of storage that allows you to carry all your gear pieces for a day out on the water. It has the weight carrying capacity of up to 375 lbs. 

The size of the kayak is large enough that you can even take some extra gears along with you if you are planning for an overnight trip.  


It features a sit on top design which is the highly popular recreational and angler kayak setup. When it comes to the built quality of the kayak it is made of high quality polyethylene plastic. It is the major major material that’s used  for the construction of the Perception Pescador Pro 12. 

It adds excellent rigidity and toughness in the kayak to make it smoothly handle on water bumps and any accidental drop. 

In order to enhance the durability to the next level, a skid plate is also installed. 

The decent width of the cockpit offers easy get in and out. There is plenty of room to stretch out. 

In designing the Pescador Pro 12 the main focus has been given to the stability of the kayak to make it comfortable to use even for beginners. 

There are a total of three road holders. On the side, there are multiple gear hacks that can be used for attaching any of your fishing accessories such as a fish finder. They can also be used as paddle holders when you want to free your hands to start fishing. 


Perception has done a great job in designing the kayak and its seat. The Stadium style seat of the Pescador Pro 12 comes with highly breathable mesh fabric and padded bottom. 

Having a comfortable seat is very crucial especially when you are planning for a long trip and this kayak comes with that. 

The seat is fully adjustable therefore size of the paddler does not matter. Everyone can adjust it to get the right and comfortable sitting position. Moreover, the seat is removable, therefore you can use it as a handy camp hair.


As this is a fishing kayak therefore no doubt it has rod holders. Many users of the Pescador have complained about the less dry storage availability. 

It’s true that it does not have a lot of dry storage. But, it’s enough for keeping the small valuables items such as phone, keys, radio, and GPS. There are two small dry storage hatches available on the kayak, one in front of the seat and another one behind the seat. 

The spacious cargo deck is located behind the seat. Pescador also has bungee cords that can be used for keeping the bags and other larger items safe and secure.


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Better stability
  • Superb tracking 
  • Highly customizable 
  • Padded Seat made of breathable mesh material
  • Good for calm coastal settings
  • High-quality and durable construction 


  • Shallow molded-in rod holders
  • Minimal dry storage

BRIS 14.1 inflatable Fishing Boat


  • 1,100 Denier PVC heavy duty material 
  • High pressure inflatable air deck floor
  • Two air chambers 
  • 750 lbs weight capacity 
  • Triangular splash guard 
  • One-way drain valve with plug
  • Four fins for better tracking 
  • Comes with carry bag and foot pump


If you are looking for a simple, affordable inflatable boat then this kayak isn’t a good option for you. BRIS Boats and kayaks are specially designed for serious kayakers. BRIS is a very popular brand name because of their different models. The kayaks of BRIS come in different sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of very serious kayakers. 

The kayak line of BRIS can be divided into three major categories namely: Standard inflatable Boats, mini catamarans, inflatable River Rafts, and Inflatable kayaks

However, these aren’t the boats the Navy Seals use, but they could be The BRIS 14.1 inflatable boat is a long kayak that measures 14.1 feet. 

It features a tube design that ensures the proper stability. Along with that, it’s easy to inflate and deflate. 

It is equipped with the handles that make it easy to move it around. This inflatable boat has a maximum capacity of up to 2 adults and 1 child with a total weight up to 750 lbs. 

Design and built Quality

When it comes to the design of the BRIS 14.1 inflatable Fishing Boat. It is made of 1.2 mm thick that ensures the durability and sturdiness. To be specific the fabric is made with the 2000 denier yarn. Such kind of fabric offers a superior level of durability without compromising the flexibility. 

In addition to that, the fabric is coated with synthetic polyester material. This coating helps to prevent the kayak boat from almost all kinds of wear and tears. BRIS has used the heat welding and most of the welding point has a quadruple overlapping dolf of the fabric. 

Like other high quality boats it comes with a standard V-shaped keel. 

The drain valves in the boat are positioned strategically. It has eleven D-rings. Two of them are located on the bow and head of the boat for towing purposes. 

The D-ring is made of heavy duty and durable stainless steel. The stainless steel eliminates the rusting problem. 

It features a safety rope all around the boat that offers you extra support in the water. The provided handles make the boat more maneuverable. 


For better stability of the boat, it comes with 17.5” diameter tubes for greater buoyancy and stability. In addition to this, it also features four directional fins for excellent tracking. 


Unlike other models, the BRIS boat doesn’t come with aluminum seats. Instead, it has three marine plywood removable benches. They are not highly comfortable for long trips. 


  • Durable built quality 
  • Features a lightweight removable drop stitch door
  • Directions fins for better tracking 
  • Multiple air chambers 
  • Comes with plywood removable benches 
  • High weight capacity 
  • Easy maneuverability and control
  • Handles incorporated 


  • Provided foot pump isn’t that great 

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